Halfabrick Ft Dj Dap - Revelaciones Del Revelde (EXCLUSIVE)

from by DJDap - Da Smoke Tape El Album 2012

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Halfabrick - Revelaciones Del Revelde Ft.DJDap

Verse 1
I tote lamas piff writin while I blow skama watchin the uninformed dick ridin Obama fuck Bush but sun look politics is still run by dumb crooks he's no different wishing for change that ain't came yet

listen b hope don't pay rent how you gon fix unemployment what a disapointment he aint done shit and already this puppet been anointed mt rushmore status I say cut all taxes

lack of education makes us bust more ratchets drugs more addicts all stagnant taken steps more backwids blackwater got immunity to kill and murder Barack don't care bout u and me he with the bilderbergers

You ain't gotta be skilled observer to see it's real and shit oblivious to these powers we dealing with in god we trust but lucifer is who they sleeping with these the revelations of a rebel g read the scripts

Verse 2
My blood line traced to the opressed Indians Africans understand the hymns they blasphemize at the Vatican cut the B.E.T off sun get ya chapters in
Black extermination Tv really the acronym

Find the answer ask again skeptical rebel who spittin incredible bars they neglected in tellin you intelectual rhyme breather heed the benign teacher beretta nine squeezer the real reason behind FEMA

Is martial law continuity of government secret covenants made with the aliens in mother ships that's some other shit they don't want you to know just imagine if they revealed to the world there was UFO's

That'll disprove the pages of genesis no meaning to the bible and all of it's premises artificial intelligence I'm eclectic when it comes to to the collection of this evidence let them rebels in

Verse 3
Shock and Awe was a minute ago no plan to exit Bill Cooper with a ruger I ain't talkin massive wreckless if ya brain is anorexic you won't overstand stand the message i just the federal reserve the right to ask the question

Like why they dumped the stocks before the Bp spill and why Bin Laden in a cave blowing Himis still on the real we was schemeing to infiltrate the region Fabricated 911 so we can provide a reason

For the war on terror create an enemy so they can justify the need to invade where ever patriot act wire tap infingin on our civil rights national security directives no oversight

Fighting an invisible empire only way to counter is thru awareness so I vent fire watch the news everyday shit gets liver I was runnin from the truth till my legs tired

Verse 4
Un elemento que puede morir en cualquier momento my atitude is callejero Tate quieto I spit flames like mal aliento beastin is my pasatiempo

I spit it wit sentimiento pa lo tigere parado en la avenida se le ven to la cotilla oye mi psychologia un genio de la esquina criado en nueva York dominicano ata la guira

y la tambora mi Mano de obra transforma la hoja no me importa que te de moda se nota si sale de mi boca it's fuego fuck reggaeton thats for mama webos

No lo creeo what they do for the pesos my English rididick Spanish no problemo
Niggas jealous cause the bars bueno so I ain't talking bout the liquor when I say these niggas got bar celos.

These the revelations of a Rebel G my eyes open so a puppet I can never be blood of a Martyr I'll forever bleed before they try to kill me like Kennedy these the revelations of a rebel G


from DJDap - Da Smoke Tape 2012, track released October 31, 2012
.Scratches By: DjDap
.BeatProd: DapLabs Records
.Grabado ,Mezclado & Masterizado En: DapLabs Records & Aurenas Studios(Bogotà)



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