Kahlee Ft DJDap - Green Zone (EXCLUSIVE)

from by DJDap - Da Smoke Tape El Album 2012

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Kahlee DjDap - Green Zone

-Open my eyes, nightmare sweat drenched, a monkey wrench in my plans
playin’ with fate, like transplants with Gods hands, and mine
-The reaper chasin, out of my mind
hearing shots, poppin’ off like kick snares in drums lines
-ain’t scared of death, I’m scared of what I’d miss for leaving too
soon, with all the trouble in this bubble barely eatin’ food
-Third World wars, fought by First World countries
Watched the Third World War, til the spirit Allah touched me
-So the people wild out, ugly! Over crooked religious
teachers, the same priests and preachers hatin’ from school bleachers, iching
-to be the Jim Jones cult leadin, crescendo
settin’ us back, Marty McFly, Sega, Nintendo
-Later for indo, chronic, kush and the other camouflage
see the problems clear as light in dark, soon the high where off
-stare at the bottom of empty bottles of liquor
or pop a bottle of volume to get to the bottom quicker
-These foos is flaggin’ over turf they turn to dookie
while it’s countries fightin’ over real spit ready to shoot me
-So excuse if I ain’t impressed, say you a gangsta, baller callin’ shots
So tell me how you help your hood, to lay the poverty to rest
-Pushin’ dope to your own folks like you the terrorist
You Osama minus the power
-His religion’s like your drugs, take advantage of the weak
til we green zone that ass and catch you slippin in ya sleep…


from DJDap - Da Smoke Tape 2012, track released October 31, 2012
.Scratches By: DjDap
.Prod By: DapLabs Records (Bogotà)
.Mezclado & Masterizado En:DapLabs Records (Bogotà)



all rights reserved


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